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You won’t always get the best, yet you can always make the
best from whatever you get. You
won’t always get your way, yet
you can always make your way
forward no matter what.

Even when the situation is not
perfect, you can make the best
of it. Even when the initial
outcome is not ideal, you can
make the best of it.

Instead of wishing for what could have been, choose to effectively
and successfully deal with what
is. Instead of assigning blame,
assign yourself the task of finding and implementing a positive way

You can choose where you’re
headed, no matter where you’re coming from.

Stop wasting
energy fighting against what has
already happened, and apply that energy toward a positive

Focus your awareness and your efforts on the most positive,
desirable outcome. Make the best of the situation where you find yourself by visualizing and
following a path to whatever you
truly desire.
You deserve the best, and you
deserve the positive, enriching
experience of bringing it about.

So whatever comes your way,
make the best of it, and give
yourself the positive outcome
you deserve to enjoy.

Hold yourself to a high standard.

To raise the quality of your
reality, raise your expectations.

Refuse to listen to your own
excuses. Demand integrity,
commitment and persistence
from yourself in all your

Keep yourself lovingly and
gratefully focused on whatever is
truly important to you. Let go of
any urge to be cynical, and allow your most meaningful dreams to
flourish within your awareness.

Get in the habit of finding and
expanding what’s best, in yourself, in others, and in each situation. Learn to see the value in moments large and small, and act to make positive use of that value.

Resist the temptation to
shortchange yourself or others, or to settle for anything less than your very best.

This is your
unique and precious life, so give it all the respect and effort it is

Fill each day with richness and excellence, competence and
solid, honest commitment.

Keep your standards high, and seek to live such that you’ll never have any regrets.

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